Crunches If you want great abs and core you need to do crunches. The crunches are mainly just a core working exercise and burn fewer calories comparatively, but they move in a controlled manner, flexing and releasing the core muscles thus helping to build the abs. This exercise can also improve your muscle strength and … Read more

Bent Over Dumbbell Row

Bent Over Dumbbell Row Bent-over dumbbell rows are compound free-weight exercises that use many of your upper-body muscles. The supported position commonly used in the dumbbell version places less stress on your lower back and maybe a safer option for anyone with lower back issues. Benefits Increased muscle mass and exercise contribute to increases in … Read more


Squats Basically squats help to build your leg muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. They also help to create an anabolic environment. They also help to improve your upper body strength. Benefits They benefit the whole body in multiple ways. They increase the strength and muscles of the entire body. By adding squats to your daily … Read more

Bridge -Body Weight

Bridge -Body Weight Beginners can start with the short bridge. A short bridge is suitable for them. For doing bridge you should have good body strength. It needs mobility, stability and as well strength. By practicing the bridge you will find your weak points which helps you to do it better. Benefits It can help to strengthen … Read more

Alligator Walk Exercise

Alligator Walk Exercise Alligator walk exercise is the total body based workout exercise that builds your core, strong abs, arms, and legs. The movement is also especially taxing on the arms and shoulders. The crocodile walk is a combination of press-ups, the plank and crawling, so it targets a whole load of muscles at once. Benefits … Read more


Skipping Of all the childhood memories we have the most unforgettable is jumping rope. Jumping rope is no new age trendy exercise. In fact, it has been there for years now. As we grew up the rope got lost somewhere. We are going to tell you why the skipping rope must make a comeback in your life. … Read more


Skaters The skaters is an effective cardiovascular exercise that improves muscle endurance and strength. This plyometric exercise is a must-do move for runners since it warms up the lower-body muscles. It looks simple but this is a challenging exercise. Benefits of Skaters This strengthens the glutes, hips, and legs, and enhances coordination and balance. It gets the heart pumping and supports ankle … Read more

Reverse Dumbbell Fly

Reverse Dumbbell Fly Reverse dumbbell fly also known as posterior deltoid raises. It strengthens posture of the shoulder and upper back. Give strength and development in the back part of shoulders and thoracic spinal muscles, improve upper body posture, function and movement. Correct technique is more important than the amount of weight. It also targets the … Read more

Chair Dips

How to do? Instructions: To try this chair dips exercise at home, you will just take a chair or bench. 1: Sit on the edge of the chair or bench and wrap your fingers to the edge of the chair or bench. Your legs are extended and your feet should be about hip-width apart with … Read more

Dumbbell Wrist Curl

Dumbbell Wrist Curl Dumbbell wrist curl is easy to learn with more benefits in it. If you building up your forearms and wrists you will be able to lift more weight only by doing this. your forearms strengthen by the griping, so it gives you more grip than other exercises. You can easily perform this at home. … Read more