The Ultimate Serratus Anterior Exercises For Your Body

Push ups

The Serratus Anterior, often known as the “Big Swing Muscle” or “Boxer’s Muscle,” is a key muscle that aids appropriate shoulder mobility. This muscle is required for a variety of arm movements, whether open chain (punching/grabbing something from the cabinet) or closed chain (lifting something off the floor) (pushups, planks, downward dogs, or handstands). Furthermore, … Read more

Landmine Exercises For Your Whole Body Strength

landmine lean muscular

You are one lucky lifter if you have access to a landmine exercise at your gym. This unassuming-looking device, which consists of a short tube attached to a swivel joint. And normally, it is tucked away in a gym corner, is one of the most adaptable and effective exercise equipment for improving functional strength and … Read more

Pull Exercises For Your Body [Quick Facts]

Pull ups for exercise

Pull exercises are strength-training exercises that feature a concentric contraction—a muscular shortening that occurs as two connection points move closer together. Biceps curls, hamstring curls, and lat pull down are examples of pull workouts. Pull exercises are the polar opposite of push workouts, using eccentric contractions that entail stretching the muscle while regulating resistance as … Read more

Is it bad to eat protein bars every day?

Protein bars are one of the most convenient on the go protein snacks today. However, they all consist of different ingredients which make them stand out from one another. There are various protein bars that have been introduced to our markets today. These include PROBAR, Quest mint chocolate chunk, Detour Caramel bar, among others. Well, … Read more

Why is my deadlift not improving?

Deadlift is one of the most important exercises because it effectively works your upper and lower body simultaneously. However, there are a few things that you may be doing wrong which will hinder you from improving your deadlift gradually. There are very few exercises that you can do to work your whole body at one … Read more

Should I eat protein before or after workout?

Without doubt, people who workout regularly require more protein intake as compared to people who don’t exercise regularly. This is because it helps to repair your muscles every single time you hit the gym. There are various ways that you can consume proteins nowadays as they now come in concentrated formulas in form of protein … Read more

How to get wider shoulders without weights

For sure, genes play a big role when it comes to our body physique which includes the shape and size of our shoulders. However, we have simple hacks for you that will enable your shoulders to grow even without using weights. Without doubt, men with wide shoulders usually look good regardless of the kind of … Read more

How to build leg muscles in a week

For sure, most of us dream to have those perfectly curved out muscles on our legs. However, not all of us are naturally blessed with what we dream of therefore we have to put in work in order to build leg muscle. Exercises keep us strong and healthy and add some few years to our … Read more

How many push ups per day for big chest?

Pushups is one of the most common exercises for anyone who works out whether as a beginner or a professional athlete. However, the number of pushups you do every day determines the kind of progress you will see especially on your chest area. Pushups definitely have to be in your working out routine if you … Read more

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