Top 5 Cardio Climbers Health and Fitness Trainer Home Gym

Top 5 Cardio Climbers Health and Fitness Trainer Home Gym 1

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on google Google+ Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on reddit Reddit Sunny Health & Fitness Performance Cardio Climber – SF-E3911 The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3911 Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer with Climbing Motion takes total body home gym machines to the next level! Get explosive calorie … Read more

Advantage of battle rope workout

It may surprise you but ropes aren’t used just for climbing and pulling, they can also be used to enhance one’s strength and grip. As a matter of fact it’s used by Athlete’s just for the the previously mentioned Reasons + to enhance the overall strength of their body. The use of Ropes goes back … Read more

3 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

3 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises Strong shoulders can be developed with a lot of exercises. Some of these exercises yield strong others not so strong. The shoulder is one among the most sensitive joints in the human body. It has immense range of motion as a result athlete’s cricket ball or swing the baseball or cricket … Read more

Best Workouts For Mass

Let’s be honest now most people don’t work as much on their back as they do on their arms, abs and chest and shoulders. But if you want a well-defined and strong thick back then these are the exercises you’ll need. Wide Grip Pull Ups Wide grip pull ups are excellent way of working the … Read more

Bicep Workouts

There are about 8 best Bicep Workouts given. You can do these bicep workouts for your glamorous biceps. Do these workouts one by one make your routine with one workout, pick any one workout in a week and do it for ten to 15 days when can do one bicep workout easily then go to … Read more

Knees Pushup (Wide Grip)

The wider apart your hands are while doing knees pushup, the more you use your chest muscles the closer together your hands are, the more you use your triceps. Benefits Push-ups are the most effective exercise that help to engage all your upper body to get stronger and fitter without using the equipment. Traditional push-ups may … Read more

Reverse Snow Angel

Specifics Do not underestimate this fitness exercise although abs and core have a stabilizing function, they are very well trained.Only do this exercise if you are well-trained because the lumbar spine area is strained by lifting up arms and legs at the same time. Take a look at these Reverse Snow Angels and give them a try … Read more


Crunches If you want great abs and core you need to do crunches. The crunches are mainly just a core working exercise and burn fewer calories comparatively, but they move in a controlled manner, flexing and releasing the core muscles thus helping to build the abs. This exercise can also improve your muscle strength and … Read more

Bent Over Dumbbell Row

Bent Over Dumbbell Row Bent-over dumbbell rows are compound free-weight exercises that use many of your upper-body muscles. The supported position commonly used in the dumbbell version places less stress on your lower back and maybe a safer option for anyone with lower back issues. Benefits Increased muscle mass and exercise contribute to increases in … Read more