14 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises For Bigger GUNS

Man Posing Forearms

Who doesn’t want big biceps that can wield Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield and look good in a tank top? Regular bodyweight exercise can help you build strong biceps, which will help you become the next Avenger. Whatever your goals are, there are some moves that are specifically designed for you with no dumbbells … Read more

Occipital Neuralgia Exercises For Occipital Pain

Occipital Pain

Occipital Neuralgia is a severe nerve condition characterized by piercing, throbbing, or electric-shock-like pain in the base of the skull, upper neck, back of the head, scalp, and commonly behind one eye. These classic symptoms are caused by an irritated, compressed, or damaged occipital nerve. We can become complacent and find that our Occipital Neuralgia … Read more

Exercises For Step Platform to Elevate Your Workout

Step Platform

There are numerous methods to make a workout more difficult. You can use a workout finisher to increase your heart rate at the end of a workout, or you can increase the weights or resistance you’re using. But what about the simplest technique to get a better workout? Adding an elevated step to the exercises … Read more

Short Head Bicep Exercises For Bulging Biceps


If you’ve come to this page seeking for a quick head bicep workout for bigger biceps, you’re probably already familiar with the structure of the biceps. The biceps brachii has two different heads: the short head bicep and the long head bicep. The long head sits on the top of the arm, while the short … Read more

Pulling Exercises For Building Muscles

Pulling Athlete

Are you looking for a better, more systematic way to strengthen your muscles? Consider the pull day and its polar opposite, the push day workout. One of the simplest methods to design a fitness plan that allows you to change your motions, maximize your training time, and minimize injury is to divide your workouts into … Read more

Top 3 Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Exercises

Top 3 Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Exercises

Like any other running ailment, Posterior Tendinopathy pain happens when your body’s ability to manage the training you were undertaking was exceeded. Perhaps you increased the mileage too quickly on your posterior tibial muscle. Or, you were moving faster than usual, or perhaps you were doing everything properly, but your recuperation was missing. It doesn’t … Read more

Top 7 Anterior Deltoid Exercises For Broad Shoulder

Broad Shoulder

Perhaps unexpectedly, your anterior deltoids (also known as front deltoids) are the largest of the three deltoid heads. If you train them hard enough, your muscle mass can grow up to 5 times larger than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. That represents a significant amount of growth potential as your sports medicine. Because they … Read more