14 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises For Bigger GUNS

Who doesn't want big biceps that can wield Thor's hammer or Captain America's shield and look good in a tank top?

Regular bodyweight exercise can help you build strong biceps, which will help you become the next Avenger.

Whatever your goals are, there are some moves that are specifically designed for you with no dumbbells or barbells required.

In addition, relying on your own weight rather than heavy equipment makes things safer and easier for bicep workout.

You don't have to leave your house to conduct these bodyweight workout, and you don't have to worry about dumping a 100-pound weight on your toe.

Now it's time to figure out how to work your bodyweight biceps exercises for bigger biceps.

14 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises For Bigger Biceps
14 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises For Bigger Biceps

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Is it possible to grow biceps using only your own bodyweight?

To begin with, that implies you're not working on your biceps.

The good news is that bodyweight exercises can help you bulk up your biceps.

There aren't many bodyweight biceps exercises available, but there are a handful.

These are the best, and they'll get you around the biceps exercises you're not sure you can do.

Best Bodyweight Exercises

Want To Take It Easy?


Planks not only strengthen your core, but they also strengthen your biceps.

Begin in a prone position, with hands on the floor and elbows at a 90-degree angle under shoulders.

Keep your chin tucked and your spine parallel to the ground.

Push through your biceps and draw your belly button in.

Plank on the side

In this stance, your shoulders will work hard, but your biceps will work even harder.

Begin on the right side of your body.

Place your right hand on the floor and lift your arm until it creates a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Hold for as long as you can.

Rep on the opposite side.

Is it too difficult?

There's no problem.

Place your forearm on the floor instead of your hand to change the stance.


Yoga positions are no longer limited to the yoga studio.

This classic move will work your biceps and core even if you're not a yogi.

Begin in a typical plank/prone posture, with your hands on the floor and your elbows beneath your shoulders at a 90-degree angle.

Reduce your height until your elbows are at the same level as your sides.

The upper body like your chest, upper arms, shoulders, and elbows should all be in the same place.

Return to a plank position.

Repeat your workout routine.

Push ups with a dive bomber

Dive-bombers will boost your biceps to new heights.

Forget about normal push up.

Begin in Upward Dog, with your pelvis on the floor, your hips in the air, and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Slowly lower your head and arch your back for your shoulder blades.

Curl your towel

This routine doesn't require any special equipment; all you'll need is a regular bath towel and a chair.

Twist the towel a few times until it takes on the shape of a long noodle.

Place the center of the towel beneath one foot while sitting in the chair with your feet on the floor.

Slowly bring one end of the towel toward your face with each hand.

Make use of your foot as a kind of resistance.

Want To Step It Up A Notch?

Rows that are inverted

This one is ideal for those who are unable to complete a standard pull up but want to have a bigger arm.

To complete this exercise, you'll need a bar or rings positioned to about waist height.

Lie down facedown on the floor beneath the bar.

Grasp the bar with underhand grip facing away and hands somewhat wider than shoulder width apart.

To maintain your bod straight, squeeze your abs and butt. Raise yourself till your chest is in contact with the bar.

Slowly return to your original position. Repeat.

Do you want to make it more difficult? Your biceps will be more tense if you lower the bar.


Chin-ups put your biceps, triceps, and lats to work.

To do a decent chin-up, you'll need a sturdy bar that's high enough for you to hang from with your arms outstretched and your feet off the ground.

With your palms facing you, grab the bar and pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar.

Slowly and deliberately lower yourself.

Chin-ups that are isometric

Isometric chin-ups are similar to ordinary chin-ups in that they apply tension on the muscle without extending or shortening it.

The muscle flexes, but it does not compress or expand.

Begin by grabbing the chin-up bar with your palms facing you and your hands shoulder-width apart, as if you were doing a standard chin-up.

Pull yourself up to the point where your chin is clear of the bar. Instead of going up and down, try to hold it for as long as possible.

You still can't do a chin-up?

Same. However, you can still do a modified isometric chin-up.

To get into position, use a chair or a step and grip it.

Want To Make Things More Difficult?

Curl your biceps with a resistance band

Sit on the floor with your knees tucked under you, holding your favorite resistance band.

Maintain a straight spine.

Under your right knee, slide the resistance band.

With your right hand, grab it and bring it up toward your right shoulder like a barbell curl.

Your upper arm should not move.

Release and do it again.

After that, switch to the opposite side.

Push-ups should be avoided for bicep curl.

It's similar to a push-up, but it's more difficult for arm muscle.

This motion will necessitate the use of a solid bench or couch.

Push-ups train your shoulders, chest, and core all at the same time for muscle gain and at the same time for stronger biceps.

The action is distributed to your front half in these push-ups, providing your biceps a more challenging workout.

As usual, place your feet on the bench and perform your push-ups.

Want to Blast Your Biceps?


To do some headbangers, you don't need to listen to punk rock.

Grab your chin-up bar with your palms towards you and your hands shoulder-width apart.

Hang with your arms nearly straight (but not locked).

Pull yourself up to a 90-degree angle with your arms.

Now, move your body quickly forward and backward, almost as if you were going to head-butt the bar. (However, be cautious: you don't want to actually head-butt the bar.)

Hold for a minute or as long as you feel comfortable.

Take a minute to catch your breath. Repeat.

Chin-up with a towel

It's similar to a chin-up, but with a towel.

Also, your biceps and scapulas will get twice the workout.

Using your hands, wrap a towel around the chin-up bar and hold either side.

Do some chin-ups now.

Plank walk on the side

This one appears innocent enough as an arm exercises, but your biceps, triceps, and core will be screaming in no time.

Start with your hands on the floor, elbows beneath shoulders at a 90-degree angle, and spine straight.

Put your chin in a tuck.

It's now time to leave. Move your right leg and arm about a foot to the right.

Then repeat with the left leg and arm. Continue walking — just don't run into your coffee table.

Chin-ups for Commandos

Despite the name, you can actually do this one in your underwear.

Begin by wrapping your hands tightly around the chin-up bar, thumbs facing you.

Your arms should be about parallel to the ground.

With your head on the left side of the bar, hoist yourself up. With your right shoulder, try to touch the bar. Slowly lower your body.

Rep on the opposite side.

Chin-up inchworm

With the inchworm chin-up, inch your way toward some swole ‘ceps.

The burn on this one will be felt in your biceps and forearms.

Begin in a regular chin-up posture, palms facing you, and raise yourself until your chin clears the bar.

Reduce your height now – it's time to start inching.

Return to the starting position by moving your right hand approximately an inch to the right and then returning to the starting position.

Move your left hand an inch to the right as you lower yourself.

Continue to move back and forth along the bar in this manner.

How To Create A Killer Bodyweight Training Regimen For Huge Biceps?

Your ideal bodyweight regimen will always be tailored to your specific requirements with your muscle growth.

Plan on doing some bicep exercise to get it just right.

Start by doing at least 5 minutes of cardio to warm up your muscles.

Jumping jacks, a brisk jog, or a spin on the elliptical will get your blood flowing and lower your chance of injury.

Then, pick at least three of the exercises above and perform 8–12 reps of each.

Perform three sets of each maneuver.

Allow 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of rest between sets.

Your muscles will appreciate you later, even if you don't feel like you need it now.

You can increase your reps as your strength and confidence improve.

Also, don't forget to cool down! Finish your workout with a 5-minute gentle cardio session.

Now go ahead and flex and kiss each bicep — you did it!

Final Thoughts

Arms that are strong and fit are a sign of strength and fitness.

One of the simplest ways to make a great impression is to carry a pair of firearms.

As a result, it's no surprise that the biceps curl is one of the most popular gym exercises.

Almost everyone who holds a dumbbell in their hand for the first time does a curl reflexively.

There are numerous bicep workouts you may do to strengthen and grow your biceps brachii.

Many of the workouts, however, are cumbersome because they necessitate the use of free weights and other equipment.

Bodyweight bicep exercises can help you grow muscle in the same way that standard training methods can. Muscle tissue, after all, responds primarily to strain.

As a result, your biceps have no idea whether you're lifting a dumbbell or your own bodyweight.

What counts most is lifting heavy and consistently, and then making the most of that effort with a high-protein diet.

Perform one of the above biceps muscle body weight workouts 1-2 times per week for optimal results.

This set-up will provide enough volume for your arms to develop bigger and stronger while also allowing your muscles to heal and regenerate.

If you want to follow a regimen that's tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses, you can choose from our list of bicep bodyweight exercises and design your own bespoke workout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does push ups work biceps?

Although a conventional pushup does not stimulate the biceps muscle, shifting your hands to a different posture can make this muscle play a bigger role in the activity.

How can I get biceps in a week?

Cable curls, chin-ups, and barbell curls are some other arm exercises to attempt. When performing these exercises, try to use as little momentum as possible and keep your arms swinging as little as possible.
This ensures that your muscle is performing all of the work.

Is Plank good for biceps?

They work your core as well as your entire back.
“Planks work all of your muscles, including those in your arms and legs.
Planks are also beneficial to your posture and can assist you improve your balance.” These planks will tighten your core and back while targeting your shoulders, biceps, and triceps.