Tricep Bar Vs Ez Curl

The EZ Curl and Tricep bar are both used for training the upper body; the tricep bar just like its name is used to work on the triceps and the upper body muscles. The EZ curl bar on the other hand features an angled grip and is convenient for reducing pressure that trainees may experience on their elbows and wrists.

A distinguishing fact between this two gym equipments is that one will specifically work on the upper body while the other will work on both the upper and the lower body, for the latter is enabled by the EZ curl bar. Given that these two pieces of gym equipment can only do so much for the hole body it makes us wonder what constitutes a balanced exercise plan.

Anyone can train in the gym but not everyone is an expert on the exercise combinations and plans that will actually impact the body. And now that most people are training and keeping fit from their homes, it would be best if we could define our goals and find the right equipment for them. In overall, therefore, is that once you start training, you will have to do at least two or more strength training sessions every week.

You will also have to dedicate at least 150 minutes to doing the aerobic exercises; the above are good workouts that will target all the major muscle groups. And what are the major muscle groups, the latter begins from the shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, the back, hips, and legs.

Tricep bar Vs Ez Curl

EZ Curl
Tricep Bar
46.53″ L x 2″ W X 1.34″ H
34 inches
11 pounds
6.25 kgs
Maximum weight capacity
200 pounds
Grip type
Plate accommodation
Can take up to 1” whole weight plates
Fits 1 in standard plates

Cap Barbell 47-Inch Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar

The EZ curl bar is more functional when adopted as a home workout tool because they can be used when working the bicep and tricep areas as well as other body parts. The cap barbell is quite big measuring about 46.5 inches in length, and 2 inches in width; the bar is exceptionally heavy when compared to the tricep bar thus weighs 10.5 pounds.

The training bar features a strong and durable construction of high-quality steel, it also possesses the necessary aesthetics with the diamond knurls beautifully combined with the smooth finish exuding professionalism. There are some poor quality bars in the market that will probably catch rust with the inevitable constant exposure to moisture, for the cap barbell however, it has been coated with a chrome finish, which enhances its durability thus long-lasting performance.

If you look at the overall construction of the EZ curl bar, you will notice that it looks segmented, with one part that has been diamond knurled to afford both the new and professional trainers a tougher grip consequently enabling extended workout session.


  • Designed to isolate and intensify the development of the upper arm muscles
  • Made with smooth ends thus helps limit abrasion
  • The handgrips are diamond knurled thus improves the grip during work out
  • Features a protective chrome finish which enhances durability


  • The diameter tends to be smaller when compared to other bars
  • Users complain of missing clamps and screws
CAP Barbell 47-Inch Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar, Chrome (RB-47), 46.53" L x 2" W...
  • SPECS – 46. 5-inches length x 2-inches width x 1.34-inches height; Bar weighs 10. 5-pounds; 30-day manufacturer’s ; Maximum weight capacity of 200-pounds
  • CONSTRUCTION – Crafted with quality steel for durability and sleekness and finished with a protective chrome finish for long-lasting performance
  • FEATURES – Designed to accommodate 1-inch standard weights; Medium-depth diamond knurled hand-grips provide ultimate gripping power when lifting
  • TRUST – Trust experience. CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has locations worldwide. Chances are if you have ever workout out,...

Cap Barbell Standard Threaded Tricep Bar

Wondering where the aesthetics of the cap barbell tricep bar come from, well the unit has been made from chromed steel, the latter does have many characteristics that make it effective for use as a work out tool. For one it is corrosion resistant meaning that the high intense workout days will not have any impact on the surface of the equipment.

You must have noticed that the workout equipment has a high level of luster, thanks to the chromed steel, and as if that is not enough it's construction material is light in weight. Cap barbell tricep bar also features threaded ends, which is quite different from the Ez curls smooth ends; the threaded ends allow weights to be secured on the tricep bar.

And for a feature that is similar to the EZ curl, are the diamond knurled handgrips, which have been equipped to ensure that trainees get a comfortable handgrip as they engage the overhand tricep extension or the tricep curls. The diamond knurls therefore, enables the fitness enthusiasts to add more weights, because they can afford better control.


  • The tricep bar comes complete with the star collars
  • Are durable because of the chrome solid steel construction
  • Designed to specifically work on the triceps muscle
  • Can be used for Olympic weight lifting and intervals


  • The Knurling on the handgrips is shallow
  • Comes with a staining metallic coating
  • Performance difference between the Tricep bar and the Ez curl
CAP Barbell Standard 1-inch Threaded Tricep Bar with Collars, 34-inches - Chrome
  • Solid Steel w/ Chromed Finish
  • Threaded Ends w/ Star Lock Collars
  • 30 Day Manufacture's Warranty

Exercise variations

The Tricep bar and the Ez curl perform almost the same functions, which is to strengthen the muscles of the upper body. However, they are both used differently as regards the exercise routines, so for the Tricep bar trainees will engage the lying triceps extension, the harmer curls, the overhead triceps extension, and the front raises.

And for the EZ curl bar, trainees will indulge the shoulder raises, the skull crushers, the shoulder raises, and the bent-over row that can be done with either an underhand or an overhand.


Between the EZ Curl and the Tricep bar, the latter is lighter in weight at 6.25 kgs while the Ez curl is the heavier unit weighing up to 11 pounds. The above then make the Tricep bar effective for home use, because they rarely take up much space and the fact that they are small and light in weight, they are the best unit for working the upper body, as you can do as many routines as your strength allows you to.

Angled grip

EZ curl is characteristic of an angled grip, a feature that is significantly missing on the Tricep bar, the latter does cater to different exercises and users will, therefore, experience minimal discomfort during work out. When it comes to the Ez curl the situation is different more so because we have some handlebars that are straight.

So for the angled grip, it helps relieve the pressure that the fitness enthusiast feels on their wrists, at times on the shoulders or the elbows. And once the pressure is relieved, they can extend their working out time with minimal to zero discomforts.


When it comes to workouts, the angled bar on the Ez curl comes effective thus allows users to achieve the complete bicep and tricep workout. The point here is that trainees will be able to work out specific parts of their biceps and triceps, the above takes over the process of working out the main part of each of the muscles thus helps users to maximize on their gains.

The Triceps bar also allows users to work out with an overhand or pronated grip, so assuming a neutral forearm position will enable a stronger grip when compared to a pronated position. What’s more, if the users can manage a stronger grip on the triceps bar, it will enable more weight control and the fitness enthusiasts can even control it better.

For even more comfortable workouts with the Triceps bar, users should keep their wrists straight and with a neutral grip when doing the curls and extensions.


Both the Tricep bar and the Ez curl are convenient working out units with each of them handling specific exercises, all of which benefit the body. The EZ curl is quite long and heavier, users must, therefore, consider their working out space, because if it is limited then they will not be able to derive any benefits from the equipments. The Tricep bar is quite compact but then it does not offer so much because it is only beneficial to the upper body while the Ez curl can be used to benefit both the upper and the lower body.

The above also means that the Ez curls can accommodate a variety of exercises when compared to the tricep bars. Therefore, choosing between the Tricep bar and the Ez curl, it all boils down to the users body goals and the exercise combinations that they are looking to train on.


What do I stand to benefit from using the Tricep bar?

Triceps will help you build your upper body strength, and they will also help with the movement of the shoulders and the elbows. Besides as you increase the strength of your triceps you inadvertently encourage stability to the arms and shoulder, there is an increase in the range of motion, and it also improves flexibility.

What muscles do the EZ curl bars work on?

As you work out and you pull the bar into your midsection, it helps work the lattisimus dorsi, the back muscles, on the other hand, are put to task when a trainee engages the reverse grip bent over row.

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Martin Torres

According to Martin Torres, keeping fit is not just about getting on the treadmill or your spin bike early in the morning or late in the evening. There are meal plans to be engaged, for example a reduction in sugary foods, carbs and junk will go a long way in helping with weight loss. The above not withstanding getting the right fitness equipments also accounts for the relevant body goals. There are equipments that will work on your upper torso, others on your lower torso and some will work your full body. So, depending with your body goals, you will have to get the right equipment, the reason we are providing you with informative excerpts on fitness equipments, to help you make an informed choice when it comes to your fitness goals.

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