Maxiclimber XL Vs Versaclimber

Controversy surrounds the effectiveness of the versaclimber with veterans in the fitness world claiming that when it is time to face the real mountain then the body won’t have the threshold to withstand the steep and rugged terrains. The Maxiclimber, on the other hand, seems to be functioning quite well with most users praising it for working their core, and thighs.

Gym equipments require for one to reach deep into their pockets, and with them comes durability and functionality; the versaclimber for example, allows gym-goers to work their body while positioned vertically. A design that targets all the major muscle groups, and by this we mean that in a single fluid motion this equipment will work your shoulder, glutes, arms, chest, hips, legs, and the back.

And given its versatility, the versaclimber can be said to have combined up to four work out equipments into one, which are the elliptical, stepper, treadmill and the bike. To properly understand the above concept is that a work out session that would take up to 40 on an elliptical, will actually take about 20 minutes less on the versaclimber.

The maxiclimber works the same as the versaclimber and instead of buying several machines to work the different parts of your body; all you need is the versaclimber, which will work on all upper and lower body. The unit is, therefore, believed to combine weight resistance, muscle toning, and aerobic exercises. So as you climb you can be sure of a toned and sexy body.

Maxiclimber XI vs Versaclimber

Maxiclimber XL
7” 6”
Durable steel
Aluminum and steel
Tension control
Hydraulic resistance system
Fixed resistance

Maxiclimber XL vs Versaclimber- Overview

Maxiclimber XL

Maxiclimber is a unique vertical gym equipment that has a small footprint and will work out your full physique with minimal effort all you need to do is change the resistance levels to make the workout beneficial to your body. And unlike the other gym equipments that cannot allow users to work out their full-body at one go, a good example being the spin bikes, the leg press machines, and the leg extension units among others, the maxclimber will engage all the muscles of your body.

Maxiclimber is the face of innovation in the fitness industry, which apart from saving time, also helps gym-goers to achieve their body goals in minimal time. And given the various resistance levels working out on the maxiclimber will effectively burn up to 2x more calories, when compared to working out on the traditional treadmill machine.

The design of the unit and the intense workout exercises that the users are exposed to allows them to engage more muscles in a single workout session and which will target both the upper and the lower body, complete with the core simultaneously. Remember that with the maxiclimber unit, engaging the HIIT exercises adds variety to the workout and consequently activates the afterburn effect, allowing the trainee to burn about 45% more calories than one would probably do when doing the traditional cardio.

And in case you are new to the unit, and are wondering how to go about it, you can relax because you can join the instructor climbing classes from the comfort of your home.


  • Allows trainees to target multiple muscle groups
  • Can be used by every type of body
  • Change of positions to work different muscles is swift
  • The digital counter gives information on the burned calories and the steps taken


  • Users find it hard to control the intensity that they are working at
  • Does not come with programs, so users don’t have a solid workout program that they can stick to



The Versaclimber machine is available in up to five different types, you will, therefore, find one specially configured to be used at the club, there is also the SPRM sports rehab model, which is a commercial quality type of equipment. Users also get to use the H/HP residential quality versa climber, among others including the sport quality, so all you have to do is choose one that fits your application.

The Versaclimber just like the Maxiclimber offers a full-body workout, the unit is versatile thus offers more physical benefits to the body. The construction of the versaclimber has incorporated both durability and functionality with the handles equipped with a protective coating, which also allows users to use the machine without it being slippery.

The climber is customizable and users have the option of adjusting the height; the incorporated computer interface, is a bit traditional, well that is quite disappointing, but will still provide users with the most basic information about their workout. And as you adjust the handles, you can also adjust the computer, so that you can access the relevant information simultaneously as you work out.


  • Helps improve the body posture
  • It is the best unit for overall body workout and weight loss
  • Allows users to multitask
  • The equipment is safe to use with low impact on the body joints


  • The incorporated computer is traditional with basic information
  • Trainees don’t get the chance to be guided by a fitness instructor

How does the Maxiclimber XL and the Versaclimber compare?


It is very hard to derive differences between these machines given that they are both vertical climbers, but they exist nonetheless. The Versa climber when compared to the Maxi climber is more expensive, because it comes equipped with advanced features and accessories, which ensure that the users tone up well. What’s more, is that it is made of good quality material which allows it to accommodate the heavier weights.

The Maxiclimber on the other hand is much cheaper, the materials used in its construction are tough but cannot be compared to what the versaclimber offers.

Computer interface

The Maxiclimber does come equipped with a real-time computer interface and which is quite basic offering only the calorie counter, and the step count, at least when compared to the Versaclimber, a feature that elevates the versa climber because users will be provided with information on their work out progress simultaneously. The above is important as it helps the user to break the records that they have set and work out more while setting new challenges every time.

The display module on the versa climber will, therefore, offer users up to 3 operational modes, and which are the standard, race, and program modes. Users also get to use the heart rate mode but for the HP modes only. The computer interface on the maxiclimber is not equipped with any programs, thus users will have a hard time determining their progress.

Differences in Impact on the body

Maxiclimber and the Versa climber impact the body differently, so when using the maxiclimber, users will be able to perform, the full-body workout which will help them burn calories and tone their muscles. And with the versa climber, they will be able to combine both the lower and upper body exercises, which are concurrent with the movements initiated when climbing a mountain, what the above means is that users will be able to effectively carry out the natural climbing motion.


The Versa climber does have a big footprint when compared to the Maxiclimber, the former, therefore, occupies about 36 X 44 inches of space, and is also much heavier in weight at about 86 pounds. The maxiclimber on the other hand, will take about 57 X 10 inches, and is much lighter at 33 pounds. Both units are foldable and will occupy a smaller footprint when it comes to storage.


The maxi and versa climber might seem like the peak of innovation when it comes to fitness equipment because they can engage almost all parts of the body in minimal time. They are user friendly can be used both commercially and for residential purposes. Fitness enthusiasts looking to tone their bodies and shed of fat will have a ball with these equipments.

Important to note is that both climbers have been designed for specific weights as indicated in the table above, so to ensure that your unit gives you the relevant service and achieves its full shelf life then you must not exceed the indicated weights. The above also applies directly to their build, quality, and functionality, if you are, therefore, looking for a unit that can handle more weight, is exceptionally durable, and will provide you with your workout progress information then the Versaclimber is the unit to settle with.


Is it tough to use the versa climber?

The Versaclimber is not the easiest to use especially for the new users, and they will, therefore, have to build with time. They can, therefore, operate between the 15-20 minute sessions, and as they progressively build tolerance they can move to work out for a whopping 60 minutes. And to ensure that the workout process is seamless, the warm-up exercises must be engaged complete with the cool-down exercises.

How often can I use my maxiclimber?

Given its effect on the body while working and the continued fat burning process after a workout, the maxiclimber is best used 3 times a week, even if the days are back to back. The idea is that you have to work out consistently.

Martin Torres

According to Martin Torres, keeping fit is not just about getting on the treadmill or your spin bike early in the morning or late in the evening. There are meal plans to be engaged, for example a reduction in sugary foods, carbs and junk will go a long way in helping with weight loss. The above not withstanding getting the right fitness equipments also accounts for the relevant body goals. There are equipments that will work on your upper torso, others on your lower torso and some will work your full body. So, depending with your body goals, you will have to get the right equipment, the reason we are providing you with informative excerpts on fitness equipments, to help you make an informed choice when it comes to your fitness goals.

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