Oxyshred Vs Clenbuterol

There is so much information on the internet about fat loss, but one that really gets the most attention is fitness. Most people are now fitness conscious and would like to shed fat and look good in clothes, it has actually become the new norm. Oxyshred and Clenbuterol are fat burners but which work in distinct ways.

Fat burners are rarely effective when used without the combination of exercises and a clean diet, and given the gruesome and equally expensive process of attaining the perfect physique, most people prefer short cuts, and then once they realize a small result they get motivated to work out. Take the celebrities, for example, most of them go for cosmetic surgeries, to improve their physical appearance with the most common one being liposuction.

A cheaper alternative to surgeries would be to use the fat burning pills or supplements such as clenbuterol and oxyshred, both of the above pills are powerful fat burners. Oxyshred for example has incorporated a formulation that stimulates the body’s fat receptor cells, boosts the body’s metabolism to enable higher levels of fat burning. The fat loss supplement will, therefore, be effective if users also curb their appetites and limit calorie consumption.

Clenbuterol, on the other hand, sells itself as a sympathomimetic alamine and is, therefore, used by people with breathing disorders as a bronchodilator and a decongestant. Clenbuterol is also the strongest anabolic steroid in the market with life-threatening side effects.

Oxyshred vs Cebuterol comparison table

Dietary facts
Dietary fiber
0.2g 4%
2cal <1%
Total Carbohydrates
1.0g < 1%
0.25g <1%
20mg 123%
2.9 10%

Oxyshred vs Clenbuterol overview

Oxyshred Overview

Oxyshred has capitalized on specific ingredients which when combined come up with an effective fat-burning formulation. The ingredients incorporated in this supplement are what enables hyper-lipolysis, which is a complicated process, of efficient subcutaneous fat cell breakdown. Oxyshred is quite effective and will, therefore, help the fitness enthusiasts, burn the stubborn fat, by boosting metabolism and it will, therefore, curb a users appetite, limit calorie absorption, provide a natural boost and also boost the body’s immunity.

The supplement provides the body with energy thanks to its formulation which includes the natural mood enhancers, which help with increased energy production that ensures the gym-goers are happy and have in them the relevant energy while burning fat. With the above positive benefits, we can’t help but wonder what makes oxyshred an effective fat burner.

Oxyshred’s formulation features, the Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract which is known to inhibit the ATP citrate lyase, the enzyme known to encourage the storage of fat in the body. The supplement has also been equipped with the Guggul extract powder, known to suppress the hunger hormone better known as ghrelin, while at the same time boosts the satiation hormone also known as leptin.

Another ingredient that turns out to be effective in suppressing an individual’s appetite is the conjugated linoleic acid, which exerts a thermogenic effect that increases basal metabolic rate, which then works by decreasing energy input while increasing energy output. In other studies, the conjugated linoleic acid has been found to help with bone and muscle density which inadvertently increases energy expenditure.

Oxyshred is made of so many active ingredients some that are derived from plants such as the olive leaf extract, known to encourage thermogenesis in fat tissue, encouraging fat loss, there is also the bitter orange fruit extract powder, which helps to stimulate the CNS by working with caffeine. Green coffee bean extract helps with cognition and focus and the seed extract of Mangifera indica is effective when it comes to appetite suppression and helps speed up metabolism.


  • Helps with the burning of stubborn fat
  • The incorporated ingredients supply the body with energy gives the users the strength to go the extra mile
  • best when taken 15 minutes before work out
  • Helps enhance mood, and reduces the appetite and food cravings.


  • The supplement could increase the heart rate leading to increased arrhythmias
  • Must be used under the advisement of a physician

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Clenbuterol has many health benefits to the human body and with the same energy are the side effects, however, the latter seems to be bursting in the seams, and that is why this supplement is burned in the USA unless under prescription. The important thing, therefore, is to ensure that before you introduce a supplement to your body system for any reason, a thorough background research will help you decide whether it is worth your while and money.

The supplement, therefore, comes with so many side effects but which may vary from person to person because of the genetics of each individual. The main function of clenbuterol, when introduced to the body, is to help treat asthma, and is, therefore, available in different forms, such as sprays, pills, and in liquid form. Fortunately or unfortunately this drug has penetrated the fitness and bodybuilding industry and many people have adopted it as a means of getting rid of unwanted body fat.

And just so you know how far this drug has made it in the airwaves, several celebrities have used it to shed fat and even gone public with it, a good example being Britney spears. So, whichever form you choose to use, be prepared for the grueling consequences. And why is clenbuterol so effective, well when taken as a pill it stimulates the beta 2 receptors, which then reverses the airway obstructions, and consequently improves breathing.

The above-discussed stimulation from clenbuterol also enhances the gym goer’s metabolic rate, and as if using clenbuterol is not hard enough, some people will stack the pill with other drugs to quicken the fat burning process. Clenbuterol is additionally famous because of its ability to cut fat while building on muscle mass.

Clenbuterol is not exactly a clean pill to introduce to your body system because it has the habit of making the user even sicker, some of the side effects are such as shaking, the users are predisposed to heart attacks, users could also experience headaches, heart palpitations, muscle mass, anxiety and nervousness among others. And given the side effects, it becomes almost impossible to complete a full workout.


  • Helps with muscle retention
  • Effectively cuts on fat
  • Clenbuterol helps increase the user's self-confidence
  • And enhances oxygen flow


  • Leads to too much shaking in that users can be equated to human vibrators
  • Encourages nervousness

Differences between Oxyshred vs Clenbuterol


The formulation of supplements has always obliterated the use of drugs, and that is why they are mostly available over the counter without a doctor's prescription, however, users must seek consent before using supplements, more especially individuals with underlying conditions. Oxyshred is highly available over the counter but Clenbuterol will not be sold to you unless you have a doctor’s prescription.

The above is because of the severity of the accompanying side effects and its overall interaction with the body that might discourage the user from doing some of the basing things like drawing or performing a surgical process successfully.

Price differences

Given that both supplements perform almost the same functions, the price difference isn’t that big with clenbuterol retailing at about $61.99, while oxyshred price ranges between$ 60 and 70 but in most cases, it is on the higher side.

Side effects

Supplements do have side effects that most users can outgrow with consistent use, the same cannot, however, be said for Clenbuterol because its side effects are life-threatening and tend to de-mobilize the body to even effectively carry out the work routines. Most supplements will, therefore, present with symptoms such as stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, nothing too excessive that will prevent them from being productive.


Finding the clenbuterol pill is not easy in any market or online platforms, there is no mention of the pill coming in flavors, however, it is available in different forms, from sprays, pills to liquids, the latter is what most people like because it dissolves faster in the body thus begins working almost immediately. Oxyshred on the other hand, is available in flavors, ranging from the Kiwi strawberry to passion fruit, mango, Guava paradise, the wild melon, and the pink grapefruit.


Both Oxyshred and Clenbuterol help cut fats in the body or rather help in weight loss, the distinction between the two supplements comes in when you consider their formulation, with clenbuterol being very brutal, by causing the user to experience, tremors, nervousness excessive shaking, increased blood pressure and exposes users to heart attacks and insomnia.


What is the major reason for banning clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is prohibited for use because it encourages muscle growth which is not a bad thing but through the anabolic properties. The pill is prohibited under the category of anabolic agents and has also been banned by the FDA for either veterinary or human use.

How fast does oxyshred work once introduced into the body system?

With the right use and the incorporation of exercises complete with a healthy diet, users should be able to see results within two weeks.

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