Concept 2 Rower Vs Echelon Rower

Most people who first register for membership in a gym are always looking to burn fat, either the stubborn belly fat, the underarm fat, and the hip and thigh among others. So do the rowers achieve the above or are they only convenient for strength training.

The rowing machine is the perfect gym equipment for building strong and defined muscles, and it can also help users burn the stubborn belly fat, just like you would when doing cardio. For the rowing machine, however, users will have to work hard, elevate their heart rate which in return will help them shed fat.

Both concept 2 and the Echeleon rowers are gym equipments that can be adopted for home use, are both costly but highly beneficial, so which of the two is the best for home use. Well, choosing between these two indoor rowers should not be a problem, because the Echeleon rower does come with a subscription plan, while the concept 2 doesn’t.

In light of the above, if you are a new user and are just using the equipment for the first time, then finding a workout schedule might not be easy, though there are loads of relevant information online. Echeleon rower is, therefore, the best equipment for novice users because the subscription-based workout schedule will offer a good opportunity for the new users to interact with the equipments and save their time in researching, learning, and integrating the various workout processes in their routine.

And on another end, if you are working with a budget then the concept 2 rower will be the best choice but remember you will also have to do a lot of research and watch many youtube videos on the exercises that you can do on the rower and their benefits to your body then choose one that is in line with your goals.

Concept 2 Rower vs Echeleon Rower- Comparison table

Concept 2 rower
Echeleon Rower
57.32 pounds
120 pounds
96 x 24 x 14 inches
84.65 x 20.47 x 43.7 inches
Resistance mechanism
Magnetic with 32 resistance levels
Seat height
User capacity

Concept 2 Rower vs Echeleon Rower Overview

Concept 2 Rower

Concept 2 is an authoritative brand in the fitness industry, with many years of innovating and creating reliable training equipment, the brand is, therefore, better placed to understand the needs of the fitness enthusiasts. Gym equipments from the brand are innovative and offer users a high performance, for the Concept 2 rowing unit there are up to 3 different models that users can choose from.

There is the Model E, which seems to be advanced and has, therefore, incorporated all the features that are available in the Model D, complete with additional height and ruggedness. There is also the dynamic model, which has been configured to cater to the specific training needs of a user, more especially the competitive water rower. And lastly, we have the model D that has been widely adopted in different settings such as schools, homes, and health clubs.

And since we are focusing on model D let us see what it has to offer, the unit comes equipped with an air resistance technology which can be used to set a level of resistance, users also get to interact with the intuitive and powerful monitor which will give details of the work out progress and they can also set up the variety of workouts that they wish to undertake on a specific day.

For rowing, there is a foot strap incorporated that will keep the feet stable through the whole workout process. Fitness enthusiasts can’t therefore; engage the low impact calorie-burning exercise, which will afford them a total body workout, with this unit users are also allowed to connect with a wide variety of applications. And given that it occupies quite a large footprint, after use, it can be folded to occupy small storage space.


  • Comes equipped with a performance monitor 5 computer
  • Can be connected with a wide range of the fitness applications
  • Has up to 10 damper levels with minimal noise
  • Users are free to control their workout intensity


  • The Bluetooth connectivity is somehow defective
  • Wobbles and leans when being used
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Echeleon Rower

The Echeleon rower is an indoor personal trainer that comes with subscription programs meant to introduce users to the fitness world and get them going once the equipment is out of the box and assembled.

The rower when being used does have a small footprint and even better is that you can fold it up after use making it less bulky as it occupies a small storage space. The innovative foot supports are customizable and offer the much-needed stability during workouts, and the subscription provides users with new interactive scenic views daily.

And for intense training, users can get access to the live classes daily; the incorporated handle we must say are quite innovative equipped with a toggle resistance feature and up to 32 levels of resistance. Now depending on the type of exercise that you wish to engage, users do get a tablet holder with a reversible arm, which allows them to switch sides and still manage to use the tablet.

For your phone or tablet charging needs, you get the USB port, moving the unit is a breeze thanks to the casters, thus easy to remove it from storage for work out and equally easy to fold and push it back to storage.


  • Users get to enjoy music from the best record labels
  • Comes slapped with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Saves on storage space by folding upright
  • Under the premium plan, users get to enjoy the classes when on or off the rower


  • The best equipment for working out at home
  • Not very convenient for the long haul

How does the Concept 2 rower and the Echeleon rower compare

Subscription plans- each of these rowers comes with a performance monitor, now the difference is that with Echeleon users will have to fork out more cash from their pockets and pay for the classes that they can even engage when not online. Some of the benefits that come with the subscription plan is that users will enjoy live classes, with the best Echeleon instructors.

They will be treated to the best-licensed music and a reversible arm that allows them to work out from different positions. The concept 2 rower, on the other hand, comes equipped with an intuitive screen, designed to provide the workout data, and can connect to different fitness applications.

Resistance Mechanism- Echeleon has equipped its rowing machine with a magnetic resistance mechanism, while the concept 2 rower features the air resistance flywheel configured to respond to every stroke by the user. To control the airflow on the Concept 2 rower, users just need to change the damper, and which are available in up to 10 levels.

For trainees with the Echeleon rower, achieving the various levels of resistance is a breeze as the controls have been conveniently placed at the handlebars, offering up to 32 levels of magnetic resistance.

Fold design

Both the Echeleon and Concept 2 rower occupy a big space when being used but compact when it comes to storage. Once done with the Echeleon rower, users will simply fold it and use the incorporated caster to push it to the respective storage, but with concept 2 users will have to first detach the bar from the rower, from which they will have two pieces, each of which is stored independently and will have to hook it up again for use.


The concept 2 rowers we must say it is a bit toned down, such that when compared to the Echelion rower it seems traditional. Echeleon is much more advanced in terms of features and operability, and much more expensive when compared to its counterpart. The unit comes with a subscription plan which exposes users to intense workout sessions with the best trainees, and to give the gym feel users get to enjoy licensed music from the best record labels.

Concept 2 is pretty basic but with all the necessary features for a successful workout session. Users can track their progress and can also access varieties of the most popular fitness applications, and to make the experience even better is that users can access the free Erg data application designed to record and store the workouts on the user's phone.


  • Is the concept 2 rower durable?

Gym equipments are predisposed to defects with regards to use and maintenance, so just like other equipments, they need regular servicing and users also need to ensure that they maintain them by cleaning and using them for the activity with which they were designed for. Concept 2 is quite durable and with the right maintenance users can hit up to 40 million meters.

  • Can I use the Echeleon bike without the application?

The Echeleon bike has to be connected to an application for you to access your ride statistics, and store your workout information.

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