How to build leg muscles in a week

For sure, most of us dream to have those perfectly curved out muscles on our legs. However, not all of us are naturally blessed with what we dream of therefore we have to put in work in order to build leg muscle.

Exercises keep us strong and healthy and add some few years to our life. It is therefore very important to keep fit at all times. We all ought to appreciate our legs as they are what take us from point A to point B each morning when we leave our beds. However, this is not all. It reaches a point when summer is closing in and we all rush to the nearest clothing store looking for shorts. Do you have masculine legs that would look good when you wear shorts? Well, this is no longer something to worry about as you can actually build leg muscle by working out.

Yes, you can build muscle on your leg in just a week. However, you are required to exercise and work twice as hard to build up those muscles. It’s also important to note that a good diet and training routine is very essential and will enable you to achieve this goal successfully. There are various exercises that we shall look at which will help you to build muscle in just a week.

What you should do to build muscle on your leg in a week

Getting better sleep

You can train all you want but it will all be in vain if you do not get enough rest. A good night sleep plays a huge role in muscle recovery when you are from a strenuous workout. Sleeping for eight to ten hours a night is very important for increased muscle mass and a change in body composition. Protein synthesis normally takes place each time you sleep and this is what mainly helps in muscle repair and development. Lack of enough sleep will cause a decline in the secretion of growth hormones. Your muscles and tissues will therefore not be able to relax and repair themselves and you will not notice any change in muscle composition in the long run.

Don’t train everyday

There is a common misconception that in order for you to build your muscles you must train every day. This is not the case. If you train each and every day, you will do nothing but cause damage to your body because you will get it overworked. Your muscles will only get bigger when you train but the strength they possess comes from enough rest. When you are trying to have muscular legs don’t just work on your legs alone. You can give leg days priority but working on other muscle groups is equally as important

Prioritize weights over cardio workout

If you are trying to get built in a short period of time, then you definitely have to use weights. When you use weights frequently you are most likely to get long, lean muscles as compared to cardio which gives you bulky leg muscle. Nonetheless, cardio will also take such a long time before it starts bearing fruits but if you want to choose this route then the best exercise you can do is swimming. Swimming will make your leg muscles work more than they should and will eventually turn.

Eat food with a lot of calories

When training hard, you will need a lot of calories in your body but only take healthy calories. Calories will give you enough energy and body strength to continue with your exercises. They can be acquired through whole foods such as lean meat, avocadoes, fruits, vegetables etc. You should however avoid calories from junk food and fast food at all costs. They will do nothing but bring you back in your exercise routine. They are very unhealthy and will make you a lot more bulky.

Take a lot of proteins

Proteins are body building foods and you will definitely need some during this exercise. The main source of animal proteins are various types of meat. If you are vegan it’s still okay because there are also non-animal proteins such as legumes. Proteins will help you build your leg muscles at a faster rate. If you want to speed up the protein intake process, you can take some supplements and protein shakes every day. Many people are normally afraid of supplements however, not all are bad though. There are some which will help you build your muscles effectively and not have any side effects whatsoever.

Workout Exercises

When it comes to building leg muscles, you have to have a good workout routine. You should always be consistent and follow it to the letter. Below are some exercises you might try for you to build your leg muscles within seven days.


Deadlifts build all your body muscles and the leg muscles are not an exception. As a leg exercise, deadlifts will mainly improve your hamstring and glutes. It is best if you use light weights when it comes to this routine though don’t do more reps than your legs can handle. If you use larger amounts of weights, however, you will see more improvements when it comes to your leg muscles.

Leg press

Leg pressing helps in building your quads, glutes and hamstrings. Leg pressing is especially the best exercise if you are a beginner. It is less strenuous and it can also be done by someone recovering from a leg injury. With this exercise you can lift heavily but still be safe from any injuries. It is also advantageous when you want to isolate certain muscles for building.

Dumbbell Lunge

Dumbbells will require extension of your hips and knees. They help in building your thighs and glutes. It is an exercise that is best to do when your legs are fatigued. After doing some few leg exercises, you can always close your day with dumbbell lunges. Other than your legs, this exercise also builds your back and core muscles without straining your spine. In addition to that, dumbbell lunges will also make you achieve a more upright posture.

Box Jumps

This is also another common exercise when you want to strengthen your leg muscles. Jumping on a plyometric box repeatedly is one hell of a workout but it’s also one of the best ways to build your core, butt and legs.


Every gym addict knows this exercise, from beginners to professionals. This is a good exercise of toning the legs, butt, hips and abs. If you have a sensitive back then this is one exercise that can really benefit our leg muscles without having to strain your back.

To help you get better leg muscles within the week, you can follow the schedule below. Train at least four times within the week and at most five teams. Taking breaks in between practice sessions are very important.

Type of Exercise
Rate of doing the exercise
4 sets of 6-10 reps
Leg Press
4 sets of 8-10 reps
3 sets of 8-10 reps
Dumbbell Lunges
3 sets of 10-14 reps
Box Jumps
4 sets of 6-10 reps


Building your leg muscles in a week is hard but not impossible. You need to have high levels of discipline if you want to be flexing your legs in a period of seven days. Not only will your legs look impeccable but you will also be in good shape and very fit.


Is it possible to build your legs without weights?

Yes, it is. However, using weights is a more effective methods and you will realize gains faster.

Will I be able to build muscle on my leg if I walk on a regular basis?

Yes, you will. Walking is a good exercise, but it can only do so much as it will get to a point where you won’t realize any gains.

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