Best ankle straps for cable machine

Do you want to engage in lower body workouts? You can quickly work your legs and glutes using ankle straps that connect to a cable machine. Investing in the right ankle straps can help you strengthen your core and achieve the shape you have always desired. They are designed to wrap around the ankles to … Read more

7 Best Knee Braces for CrossFit

CrossFit training is not like your regular training. CrossFit workouts can be very intense and can cause injury to joints. I dare say that injuries are an inevitable part of any Cross Fitter’s life. The knees are an easy target for injury. High pressure from lifts, squats, running reps and the like all place a … Read more

Tricep Bar Vs Ez Curl

The EZ Curl and Tricep bar are both used for training the upper body; the tricep bar just like its name is used to work on the triceps and the upper body muscles. The EZ curl bar on the other hand features an angled grip and is convenient for reducing pressure that trainees may experience … Read more

Proform Pro 2000 Vs Sole F80

Treadmills are versatile gym equipments that allow users to go hard on their aerobics, either at home or in the gym. The effectiveness of the equipment is evident when users can shed off the extra weight, and stay fit, the reason we are introducing you to the Proform pro-2000 and the Sole F80. During its … Read more

Maxiclimber XL Vs Versaclimber

Controversy surrounds the effectiveness of the versaclimber with veterans in the fitness world claiming that when it is time to face the real mountain then the body won’t have the threshold to withstand the steep and rugged terrains. The Maxiclimber, on the other hand, seems to be functioning quite well with most users praising it … Read more

Concept 2 Rower Vs Echelon Rower

Most people who first register for membership in a gym are always looking to burn fat, either the stubborn belly fat, the underarm fat, and the hip and thigh among others. So do the rowers achieve the above or are they only convenient for strength training. The rowing machine is the perfect gym equipment for … Read more

7 Best Compression Shorts for CrossFit

Hey Crossfit guys and girls!  Welcome to my honest review on the 7 Best Compression Shorts for CrossFit. I am a Crossfitter that has tried dozens of pairs of compression shorts.  I finally have found some of the best compression shorts for Crossfit to improve your CrossFit game If you work out and want to look attractive in … Read more