Tips to Use Yoga Wheel in Different Poses

Yoga wheel Increase your Flexibility:

Yoga Wheel

According to experts, incorporating a yoga wheel into your yoga routine will give you the confidence to stretch further than normal, eventually allowing you to move your body in ways you never could before. The upward bow pose is advance backbend can be intimidating, but with the yoga wheel challenging backbends such as wheel pose or pigeon pose become much more accessible.

Massage your Spine:

Yoga Wheel

Take a breath in, and as you exhale, lean backward, extending your spine over the top of the wheel, release your arms to allow the yoga wheel to move with your body as you perform the backbend. Lift your hips deepen the pose, allowing the wheel to support and massage your spine between your shoulder blades.

If the pose is too difficult to balance, modify the exercise by bending your knees and placing your feet flat on the floor, hip-distance apart.

Open your Chest and Shoulders: (Camel Pose)

Yoga Wheel

Moving the block out of the way, come to hero pose. From kneeling, bring your sit bones to the ground, with the shins to the outside of the thighs, and femur parallel to one another. Align your knees to the hips and soles of the feet upward. And now slightly wiggle the yoga wheel underneath the low to mid back now reach hands back to hold the wheel.

If your body is really flexible you can reach to your feet and hold your feet. If you feel any pinching on your mid back and you can ease your grip slowly.

Balance Align: (Waterfall Pose)

Yoga Wheel

If you spend a lot of time sitting on desk at your laptop then you probably find you self looking for new ways to stretch your back at the end of the day. Rolling up and down yoga wheel for few minutes in the evening and maybe even before work can help to re-adjust your spine from all that sitting. This will make all those hours at your desk much more comfortable and back will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Assist in Hand Stand: (Plank Position)

Yoga Wheel

In advanced yoga working to progress their hand stand pose, try keeping the legs straight without bending the knees. From plank pose, engage the core and legs as you pull the feet in towards the body. The toes become light on the wheel as the hips try to stack above the shoulders.

Build Core strength:

The yoga wheel can be incorporated in to a variety of yoga poses to supplement your core work. You can place it under feet and in plank pose, arm or leg extension poses or balancing poses. You might be lifting yourself in to that hand stand sooner than you thought after trying these extra core exercises.

Make your Body Stronger:

Some people can feel off balance or unstable, but the yoga wheel can act like a support system. Having yoga wheel on your back and move it with the pressure of your body, you will feel stronger as a result.

Child Pose:

Yoga Wheel

Press your head down on the yoga wheel while letting your head and chest drop towards the floor to feel a stretch in the chest and shoulders. Breathe with ease while remaining in the pose for 10 to 15 breaths.

Supported Fish Pose:

Yoga Wheel

Sitting on the mat, gently recline on the yoga wheel so that it sits on the mid to upper back. Legs can either extend in front of you, or for a hip opener bring the feet together and opens the wide in to butterfly pose legs. You clasp your hands and reach my arms up overhead here as well to intensify the stretch further, however you may simply allow them to rest at the side. Take a moment to get settled here and find stillness. Once you have done so, connect with the breath.

Hero Pose:

Yoga Wheel

If you have knee injuries, place blocks beneath the sit bones to widen the angle of the knee joints. Relax back either supporting the head with your hands or letting the head drop down to the wheel itself with the arms splayed out wide. Additionally, if you have any injury you can use yoga wheel it is an excellent tool to help you ease back in to your practice. You can lie on it and move the yoga wheel with your body where the pain is.

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