Reverse Snow Angel


Do not underestimate this fitness exercise although abs and core have a stabilizing function, they are very well trained.Only do this exercise if you are well-trained because the lumbar spine area is strained by lifting up arms and legs at the same time.

Take a look at these Reverse Snow Angels and give them a try at home. You can either go for reps or time, but either way this exercise (in addition to mobility work on your upper anterior muscles) may be your saving grace. By working the upper back in so many different degrees you are re-awakening the muscles that have become lengthened, lazy, dormant and atrophied over time and it feels amazing! Be sure to keep your arms straight, shoulder blades squeezing together, take about four seconds per rep, and keep your hands off the ground.

Starting Position

  • lay your front side on the floor.
  • stretch out the arms to the front.
  • the palms point to the floor.
  • the legs are stretched out, the toes on the floor.

Correct Execution

  • lift chest, arms and legs slightly, they hover across the floor.
  • move the arms to the pelvis in a bow and the legs apart.
  • the limbs do not have any contact with the floor.
  • come back control to the starting position.
  • now you can rest the limbs on the ground for a moment.
  • begin with the next rep right away.

First-timers –

Three sets of:
Reverse Snow Angels x 20 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Novice –

Three sets of:
Reverse Snow Angels x 30 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Pro –

Three sets of:
Weighted Reverse Snow Angels (5/2.5) x 40 reps
Rest 2 minutes

tip for the workout

  • if your floor is smooth, you also can put towels below your arms or legs to do the sliding variation of this exercise.
  • the focus is on the glutes, adductors and abductors then.

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