Knees Pushup (Wide Grip)

The wider apart your hands are while doing knees pushup, the more you use your chest muscles the closer together your hands are, the more you use your triceps.


Push-ups are the most effective exercise that help to engage all your upper body to get stronger and fitter without using the equipment. Traditional push-ups may be boring, so change the position of your hands. To increase the challenge and engage different muscles to perform wide grip push-ups.

While doing general push-ups, you are working your arms and shoulders but when doing wide grip push-ups you are using pectoral muscles of your chest which help to lift your body.

During this exercise, your body position tenses your abdominal muscles and forces them to contact with each up-and-down movement. As a result, you burn more calories. This will help to make your stomach stronger and firm.

For a beginner, start with 8 reps then increase the number of reps gradually. If you make wide-grip push-ups a part of your workout, then you will notice the excellent results after two-three weeks, you will get strong and toned arms, lifted breasts and firm belly.


Do as many wide grip push-ups as your need according to workout routine or plan. Generally, the first visible result is achieved after 2, 3 weeks of doing at least 15-20 wide grip push-ups 3, 4 times a week. The more reps you do the faster you gain the benefits of this exercise.

Martin Torres

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