Plank With Arm Raise

Plank with arm raise is one of the simplest exercises but being simple does not mean that doing this is an easy job. It can be done in different methods but the goal is you will have your body position perpendicular to the ground and stomach facing down, lift your body off the ground with your elbows or with hands. It is similar to an extended push-up pose like without moving your body weight up or down. It can become a tough exercise very quickly.

Benefits of Plank With Arm Raise

  • It is an effective core exercise that helps you build stability and strength throughout your entire body.
  • Works out a huge number of muscles in your body that gives strength and endurance.
  • It also benefits in doing cardio training.
  • It helps to improve muscle mass and also gives strength to your skeletal system.
  • It helps to improve your bidy


  • Place your hands on the floor. Extend your feet backward wider than shoulder width. 
  • Bring your body to a straight position while flexing your abs. 
  • Be sure to flex your abs so they control and carry the weight.
  • Extend one arm to the side while balancing your body on the feet and other arm.
  • Bring it back down and repeat.

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