The Best Battle Rope Exercises And Routine

Battle Rope

If you’ve purchased battle ropes (also known as battling ropes) or seen them at your gym but don’t know how to use them, or if you’re just seeking for new exercise and workout ideas, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll show you how to properly use battle ropes different workouts, ranging from traditional … Read more

Top 4 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Exercises


When the major nerves and blood arteries in the area between the neck and shoulder are compressed, this is referred to as thoracoscopy outlet syndrome (TOS). More than 90 percent of cases include compression and irritation of the nerves as they pass through the thoracic outlet, according to the American Chiropractic Association. A less common … Read more

7 Trochanteric Bursitis Exercises and Stretches

exercise with hip bursitis x

One of the most amazing aspects of being a bipedal animal is that our largest joints, the hips, have a remarkable range of mobility for a joint of our size. Several muscles, tendons, and bones are located within the hip joint, and they work together to keep us moving forward and backward, up and down, … Read more

Glute Isolation Exercises For Rounder Butt

Glute Exercise

The glutes are one of the most essential muscle groups in the body. Because of their central placement, they are necessary for lower-body movement and upper-body support. Strength in the glutes is required for almost every exercise that involves your legs, thighs, or hips. Because the glutes are such an important muscle group for body … Read more

Top 10 Rhomboid Exercises For Thicker Back


When it comes to back training, most individuals concentrate on latissimus dorsi, sometimes known as the lats. Other back muscles, on the other hand, must be developed if you desire a great-looking back. Your back will be thicker with well-built traps, and powerful erector spinae muscles will boost your lifting performance while lowering your risk … Read more

Biceps Tendonitis Exercises For Your Injured Shoulder

Biceps Pain

Biceps tendonitis is an inflammation of the soft tissues and tendon that runs down your bicep. Along the outside of your shoulder and arm, this might produce discomfort, swelling, and redness. Sports injuries and heavy lifting are common causes. While the injury heals, there are numerous types of workouts that can help minimize the symptoms … Read more

The Ultimate Serratus Anterior Exercises For Your Body

Push ups

The Serratus Anterior, often known as the “Big Swing Muscle” or “Boxer’s Muscle,” is a key muscle that aids appropriate shoulder mobility. This muscle is required for a variety of arm movements, whether open chain (punching/grabbing something from the cabinet) or closed chain (lifting something off the floor) (pushups, planks, downward dogs, or handstands). Furthermore, … Read more

Landmine Exercises For Your Whole Body Strength

landmine lean muscular

You are one lucky lifter if you have access to a landmine exercise at your gym. This unassuming-looking device, which consists of a short tube attached to a swivel joint. And normally, it is tucked away in a gym corner, is one of the most adaptable and effective exercise equipment for improving functional strength and … Read more