Best Workouts For Mass

Let’s be honest now most people don’t work as much on their back as they do on their arms, abs and chest and shoulders. But if you want a well-defined and strong thick back then these are the exercises you’ll need.

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Wide grip pull ups are excellent way of working the upper lats. Overhead pulling movements are a must for a stronger and leaner back. You can add weighted belts to your pull up routine to really work out the back muscles. But if you find such a variant of pull ups to be difficult then you can do pull ups weight free.
Your posture should be straight while you perform the pull ups. The scapula must be retracted then you pull your shoulder blades down and towards each other prior to the initial pull. Since the pull ups range motion is long several light reps make great warm up.

Seated Cable Row

The seated cable row is considered a general exercise as it works out many back muscles. The main

muscles   it works are the lower back erector spinae , the lower and middle trapezius in the back, latissimus doris in the middle back to name  a few. It also strengthens shoulder muscles such as posterior delts , teres minor and brachioradialis. Seated cable row mimics certain back machines so don’t do both in your workout unless you make certain changes like target rep range etc. You should undertake seated cable row exercise at the end of your workout and make sure to choose weight that allow on to complete at least 12 reps if not more

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