3 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

3 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Strong shoulders can be developed with a lot of exercises. Some of these exercises yield strong others not so strong. The shoulder is one among the most sensitive joints in the human body. It has immense range of motion as a result athlete’s cricket ball or swing the baseball or cricket bat. But the Shoulder support structure depends mainly on sensitive muscle and connective tissue. Because of the sensitive

Structure of the human shoulder

You should be careful when you work out your shoulder. You need to strengthen your shoulder muscles but in a way that it does not damage your shoulder. Following are the most effective and safe Shoulder strengthening exercises.

Face Pulls

Face Pulls are the most effective and safe Shoulder strengthening exercise.  This is the best exercise to develop the backside of the shoulder. It a versatile exercise that is performed with either a resistance band cable band or. It ought to be done as a warm-up exercise or later in your workout as a strength move.

Correct manner of performing face pulls is to keep both your shoulder and back in downward position while pulling.

Overhead Press

The overhead press exercise is generally injury prone exercise but the deltoid muscles.
Overhead press are the best form of exercise for strengthening your deltoid muscles.

To accommodate the shoulder a slightly altered variant of the overhead Press exercise should be performed. It is called Neutral-Grip Overhead Press. A neutral and firm grip should be used so the palms face each other.

Floor Press

This is also safe and effective Shoulder strengthening exercise. It minifies the chances of injury to almost zero. The floor dictates how the shoulder moves while lifting the weights. This is an ideal exercise for you if you are a heavy shoulder user and want to train your shoulder for more strength but in a safe and effective manner. But always make sure to use the weights that you are comfortable with.

Martin Torres

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