Best Workouts For Mass

Let’s be honest now most people don’t work as much on their back as they do on their arms, abs and chest and shoulders. But if you want a well-defined and strong thick back then these are the exercises you’ll need. Wide Grip Pull Ups Wide grip pull ups are excellent way of working the upper lats. Overhead pulling movements ...

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3 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Strong shoulders can be developed with a lot of exercises. Some of these exercises yield strong others not so strong. The shoulder is one among the most sensitive joints in the human body. It has immense range of motion as a result athlete’s cricket ball or swing the baseball or cricket bat. But the Shoulder support structure depends mainly on ...

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MMA Strength Building Routine – strength building workout

strength building workout

strength building workout? An MMA fighter has to be strong enough to obliterate the opponent, throw powerful punches and kicks, take a good beating from your opponent and absorb all the impact, and be able to resist a constant force. He or she has to be powerful and fast, and have enough endurance to be able to perform at high ...

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Advantage of battle rope workout

It may surprise you but ropes aren’t used just for climbing and pulling, they can also be used to enhance one’s strength and grip. As a matter of fact it’s used by Athlete’s just for the the previously mentioned Reasons + to enhance the overall strength of their body. The use of Ropes goes back to ancient Egyptian times where ...

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