MMA Strength Building Routine – strength building workout

strength building workout? An MMA fighter has to be strong enough to obliterate the opponent, throw powerful punches and kicks, take a good beating from your opponent and absorb all the impact, and be able to resist a constant force. He or she has to be powerful and fast, and have enough endurance to be able to perform at high level for five 5-minute rounds. The training program has to address all of the above qualities without compromising one another. The following are good beginner exercises for strength building.

High Pull From The Floor

strength building workout

High pull from the floor is a great exercise for over all body strength

A barbell and some weights are required. Weights vary with respect to a person’s strength.

Use a snatch grip for this exercise with your thumb outside. Put your weight in your butt and

Pull the weight with your hips and legs from the floor and bring your elbows up high and jump on the balls of your feet and put the weight down and repeat this motion.

High pulls 5 x 3 times

Dip Bust Leg

strength building workout

This is an advance exercise for your arms, waist, triceps and abs. A Dip machine is required for this exercise. Keep your legs straight while you go down on your arms and bring your body up with your arms and then lift your legs keep them straight and still and then go down on your arms.

Dip bust leg 5 x 3

Barbell Bulgarian Squat

strength building workout

A barbell and a bench is required for this exercise. Lift the barbell on your arms and rest it on your shoulders with a nice grip around the bar. Place one leg on the bench. Make sure that your foot is not close to the bench or it would strain your foot. You can either rest your leg on the bench on the balls of your foot or on the front of your foot. Then drop straight down all the way down and back up.

Repeat this exercise with one foot and then alternate with the other foot.

Barbell bulgarian squat left leg 5 x 3

Barbell bulgarian squat right leg 5 x 3

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