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Benefits and types of body massage

body massage

What is massage? Body massage is rubbing and kneading of joints and muscles of the body with hands, especially to relieve the pain or stress. Massage therapist is rubbing hands with gently and strong pressure to the muscles and joints for relaxing and relief tension. It helps you to reduce your stress, pain and anxiety. Benefits of massage: Massage is ...

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Coping with Back Pain in Bed

If you are suffering from back pain and you think that it is being caused by your mattress then you won’t be getting the amount or quality of rest that you really need in order to be productive during the day. Easy Solutions for Night Time Back Pain Let’s take a look at some simple things that you can do ...

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Best Tricep Workouts

tricep workouts

Best Tricep Workouts In this article, we are going to share some of the best tricep workouts that will definitely take place in your daily workout to help in healthier life style. Add these best moves to your daily workout and see a major difference in your musculature. We are listing some of the best tricep workouts : Push-upsChair DipsDumbbell Triceps ...

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Plank With Arm Raise


Plank with arm raise is one of the simplest exercises but being simple does not mean that doing this is an easy job. It can be done in different methods but the goal is you will have your body position perpendicular to the ground and stomach facing down, lift your body off the ground with your elbows or with hands. ...

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Dumbbell Wrist Curl

dumbbell wrist curl

Dumbbell wrist curl is easy to learn with more benefitsĀ in it. If you building up your forearms and wrists you will be able to lift more weight only by doing this. your forearms strengthenĀ by the griping, so it gives you more grip than other exercises. You can easily perform this at home. You can first start out an exercise, the ...

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